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Executive Search Mauritius

By August 17, 2021No Comments

BossJansen Executive Search, leaders in Non-Executive Director and C-Suite talent sourcing across the African continent, is now offering a professional executive headhunting service in Mauritius.

BossJansen has over 25 years of executive search experience with an enviable track record of assisting some of Africa’s leading businesses. We also offer executive search in Mauritius

Our expert team is based in South Africa, but operates across the African continent where they are experts in their fields and work closely with companies to source the absolute “best in market” talent.

Our clients range from small private companies to large listed entities as well as public sector establishments and our track record is across these sectors is simply unrivalled.

Executive headhunting is key to unearthing passive candidates in the market. Trying to source the top-performing skill sets by simply advertising across a number of recruitment portals does not lend itself to attracting the right skills for your business, especially at the executive level. These top-performing candidates need to be coaxed out of their current roles and sold a new opportunity.

From our many years of experience, we are well aware of the fact that the best candidate is often not the one who applies for the role, but is instead the one who is happily employed and not necessarily in the market for new opportunities. These candidates need to be professionally headhunted.

We are successful executive headhunters in Mauritius because Mauritians are skilled, multi-talented, and hardworking candidates; traits that are appealing to a number of our clients across the African continent.

bossjansen executive search firm

Boss Jansen uses a holistic approach to sourcing, taking into account not only the desired skills and personality traits their clients are after, but also skilfully matching culture, as this fit is the key to making long-term successful placements.

Head-hunters play a critical role in growing any company’s bottom line, ensuring that new opportunities within the businesses are matched the most skilled talent in the market.

Our executive search in Mauritius offering, covers a range of positions, including:

  • IT Directors Mauritius
  • Managing Directors and CEOs Mauritius
  • IT Directors Mauritius
  • Non-Executive Directors Mauritius
  • Marketing Directors and Managers Mauritius
  • Sales Directors and Managers Mauritius
  • Facilities Managers Mauritius
  • Finance Directors Mauritius
  • HR Directors and Managers Mauritius
  • Board roles Mauritius

With our hands-on approach, we stay in touch with your team throughout the search process and when we have a suitable list of potential candidates, we short-list and present 5 – 6 perfect matched candidates for the role. The search process usually takes 3 – 4 weeks and we have our in-house psychometrist who will undertake psychometric testing on all short-listed candidates. All short-listed candidates will be headhunted and interviewed by our skilled consultants and we guarantee that we source the absolute best talent in the market for your business.

executive search finding executives

The difference between Executive Search Mauritius and normal Executive Recruitment Mauritius (contingent recruitment) agencies.

The first type of agency is what is called a ‘Contingent Agency’, which are executive search companies in Mauritius working lots of different briefs along with a number of other agencies, these agencies work as fast as possible to make the placement. They make use of online databases and may try to headhunt the odd person, but generally, their focus is on getting you as many CVs as possible, as quickly as possible, in the hope one of them will suit you. This means passing on CVs of people who are actively in the market and desperate for a role. They work unretained at fees between 10% – 20% and have a place in sourcing at the lower to mid-level. Some may call themselves executive recruiters, but all head hunters, globally work in a retained fashion, as it is not possible to headhunt in a structured way unless you are retained.

The second option is ‘Executive Search’ like BossJansen, these companies work in a standardised and highly structured way, in that they map markets and actively headhunt candidates from similar businesses or industries with the pedigree, skills, and ideal track record to be successful. Cultural fit is also key to getting it right. They sell the role to candidates, who are happily employed and draw them out of their current roles. The best senior talent is always happily employed and these skills are not sitting around on a database. These companies are employed to source for critical key skill sets and generally source at the most senior level. They work in a retained fashion (generally in three tranches) and their fees are between 20% – 33%, they deliver a shortlist of 4-5 candidates in about 4 – 6 weeks. They are professional head hunters and not your standard recruitment (contingent) agency. This is a global industry standard.

For decades, BossJansen has been Africa’s most trusted executive recruiter. With our new executive search offering now available in Mauritius, your company can enjoy our expert services, when you need them most.

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