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Skilled, Senior, And Just A Tad Schmoozable

By June 8, 2022May 9th, 2023No Comments

You can get really far in the quest to find a junior to a mid-level employee by taking note of trusted referrals. Advertising within your target industry, and investigating what’s out there on platforms like LinkedIn. But if you’re looking for a vetted, highly-skilled and enthusiastic A-lister. There’s no better way to engage them than to partner with an executive search firm.

The board members of your company are restless; they’ve agreed that only a game-changing rock star will cut it when it comes to your next essential hire. Your in-house HR team admits they are clueless as to where to find this much-sought-after executive. While contingent agencies have flooded you with CVs, there’s nobody in-house with the inclination to wade through and narrow down this high-level search.

With this resource and their years of experience. An executive search firm is equipped to confidentially approach a top candidate about the role that needs to be filled. Converse with them about the specific requirements of the position; and woo them with what is actually really sensitive information. What industry competitors are up to which makes them so vital to the hiring firm. Which salary expectations and benefits are on offer, and the reason/s role is open in the first place.

Why the investment is so powerful

An executive search firm, which you would hire on retainer, is an extensive financial and human resources investment. This is not to be approached lightly if you’re mainly hiring at a salary range that is relatively low or even mid-level.

But when your company gets listed, for example, the whole playing field may change. So let’s have a look at what could go wrong if you stick with an in-house HR team or task your managing director with sifting through a barrage of CVs from a contingent agency. Instead of making use of the very people in the recruitment marketplace who are butter-knife skilled at slicing through these tasks and getting the job done with professional ease.

Say what? Indiscretions to sidestep at all costs

  • Your highly skilled and much-loved MD resigns under the strain of the CV-sifting process.
  • Your mid-level in-house HR manager offends that skilled “needle-in-a-haystack” individual, by contacting them doggedly on their cell after hours.
  • A contingent agency you asked to source CVs was a little less than discreet. The under-performing senior executive, who thought they were securely employed, heard all about their pending retrenchment/replacement at a neighborhood dinner party, or the hairdresser.

So, given the case – for example – of the perfect candidate for your needs being based at a competitor. You’ll know that feathers could be seriously ruffled on both sides of the fence if the greatest of confidentiality is not employed.

Also, note that highly remunerated senior managers and executives with cutting-edge skills are not likely to jump ship lightly. It’s too disruptive to the lifestyle goals they have and their need for innate stability after the impact of the pandemic. Offer them a similar or higher salary with better perks. More empathy towards family responsibilities/flexibility in terms of hours, and rocking company culture.

If in doubt… go high level and astute

• Executive search firms steer clear of cookie-cutter qualifications in order to alight on the senior individuals who bring noticeable bottom line and vibrancy changes to a firm. These people have been around. They know what works when it comes to disrupting an industry while keeping their teams happy. They have honed their skills in a niche over decades. The executive search firms who have placed them in these roles are an incredible ally to the hiring firm.

• And executive search firms give astute advice relative to the positives and negatives of a client’s own unique organisation.

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